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Why Choose Pacific Crest?

Why Choose Pacific Crest?

Ben Miller

"A graduate of Washington State University with a BA in Business Administration with emphasis in risk management, I immediately pursued a career in the insurance industry.  Working for years in reinsurance, claims and as a scratch captive agent, helped set the stage for the successful launch of my Agency.  Our agency was merged with Pacific Crest in 2010 in order to bring our expertise and know-how to the Pacific Crest culture and to take full advantage of all the services Pacific Crest provides for its agents/agencies. 
Since the merge, things have run smoothly on all accounts.  This includes the ease to acquire carrier/agent appointments, write new business, reconcile your commissions, servicing of your insureds and most importantly growing your business.  And on top of all this there is industry leading technology provided and the most favorable commissions splits out there.
Since the merge of our agency in 2010 things have only continued to get better, while all the time minimizing my initial and monthly out of pocket expenses.  For TRUE independence I have found only one place following through on that promise and it is Pacific Crest."

Kassa Hartley

Returning back to Idaho from college in Oregon where I was fortunate enough to receive a volleyball scholarship, I starting working at the local Bank in 2000 and working throughout the departments I went from a Teller to the Head of Operations, then to the Loan Servicing Department which consisted of managing Mortgage Escrow accounts. I was responsible for paying out taxes and insurance out of the escrow accounts. I was exposed to all insurance companies at that point. In 2006 a local insurance company down the street from the bank offered me a job and I decided to leave the banking industry and begin a new journey.

From 2009-2010 I was an agent for Farmers Insurance, and also part of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. At this point, having the affiliation with the Chamber I was introduced to Pacific Crest. This is where it begins, my journey, I started with Pacific Crest in 2010 what an amazing experience it has been. I am able to build my book of business and have the support that I need to make it possible. I am forever grateful to the Pacific Crest Team that has made everything possible for me and my agency. The encouragement and excellent customer service they provide is a great reflection on me. I would encourage anyone interested in the insurance industry to join the Pacific Crest Team.

I believe the key to a successful agency is the customer service you provide, and support you give to your City and local businesses. I still serve on the Chamber of Commerce as President for the last two years. I am proud of the agency I have built. Thank You Pacific Crest!

Mark Bigham - Texas State Dir.

Enjoying a successful career in the financial services industry, I was enticed by “self employment” and the “Independence” it offered.  I wanted to utilize my education and a track of record of accomplishment, to create my own destiny, or establish my own security.

I pursued and was actively recruited by the “usual” captive insurance companies, as a result of having active P&C and securities licenses.  Impressed with the vigorous interest and follow up, and, what I interpreted as their “assistance” in starting my Agency, it was an easy decision to join the ranks of one of the familiar captive insurance Carriers.  The recruiting efforts by all of these companies are truly impressive, as their success depends upon it.  I was eager to begin and build my book of business and my own security.

I achieved top producer status in my first two years, so as to maximize the “assistance” or “subsidies” made available to my Agency. However, I also became disillusioned and disappointed with the “independence” I expected with self employment.    Over the next few years, as with ALL insurance companies, appetites change, underwriting guidelines change and they have significant impact upon your customers and your book of business.  As a Captive Agent, I had no alternative to offer my customers, when my insurance company reaped havoc upon my book of business with unusual and unsubstantiated premium increases, despite a record of minimum or no losses.  My customers were torn as they wanted to be loyal to ME, but at the same time, were offended at the treatment of my Insurance Company.   I felt restricted; I felt like I was not in control of my own destiny, which is the reason I originally pursued self employment.  I had not achieved the independence I had yearned for.   I realized, I truly did not have the power of independence.  The independence, that only an Independent  Insurance Agent, can have.

As a result, I began my research.  Armed with the knowledge of my experience, I was committed to find as much flexibility as possible.  My initial findings were disappointing.  Many independent agents were struggling and I was surprised to find their resources, or the  number of Carriers they represented were very limited.  I was committed to find the ability to do what is best for my customer, realizing that everybody’s situation is unique; so, my search continued while my frustration level was high.

I became intrigued with these “groups” or “aggregators” or “consolidators” or national agencies.  It seemed like everybody had a different title for what they called themselves.  Many had exorbitant fees, both for initial contracting and also on a continuing basis. 

Knowing that I had created a profitable book of business as an Agent for my Captive Insurance Company, I questioned these fees….they ranged from $10,000 to over $100,000, just to start!  Subsequently, some of these groups disappeared overnight.  Others were doing well, but they seemed to be more interested in the fees they collected from the Agent, instead of providing what was necessary to make the Agent successful.

Ultimately, my research brought me to the Pacific Northwest, Eagle, ID, Pacific Crest, and Shawn Webb.  Thankfully, my frustration level finally began to subside!  I learned that the  concept Pacific Crest brings to the industry is truly unique.  Pacific Crest allowed me to help bring their concept to Texas, which after 15 years in the industry within the State, I knew would fill a huge void, as there is no other group in Texas, like Pacific Crest….none.

What makes the concept at Pacific Crest unique?   First, our primary concern is to bring the Agent, all the tools necessary to make your agency successful.  Whether your expertise is in personal lines or commercial lines, life insurance or financial management, or all of the above, we are providing you with an abundance of resources you need to be successful. Compare what we offer to what others offer; commit yourself to do this research or comparison, as it will prove to be a wise investment of your time.

First and foremost, we bring you a large selection of preferred Carriers to address your clients’ unique situation and close their business.  Second, technology is vitally important to the management and development of your Agency.  At Pacific Crest, these services such as our multi-raters, client management systems, contact management systems, websites, email, E&O, are all brought to you, at our cost.  This alone, differentiates us from other groups or agencies.  In other words, our success, is wholly DEPENDENT on YOUR success, as an INDEPENDENT Agent. 

Immediately upon becoming an Independent Agent, my production realized levels that I had never experienced before.  Retention was very high and my referrals escalated!  My customers, both commercial and personal, appreciated that I was able to fit their unique situation to a Carrier that best fit their needs.  Referral activity sky rocketed as a result.

Earn the business of your customers and be able to maintain them long term!

Experience the power of true and genuine independence!

Ryan Stowe

South Jordan

Pacific Crest Insurance has been a solid foundation for my insurance career. I joined the Alliance nearly 3 years ago and have settled in where I feel comfortable and confident working as an insurance agent. I have all the assistance and educational opportunities available and all the tools to be successful. This has been the best career choice I have ever made. I would recommend This Company to any prospective agent considering a career as an independent insurance agent. They have the tools, assistance, and back office support to get you started and help you succeed no matter what level you have achieved in your career.


Shane Allbee

In November 2010, my business partner Dirk Hunter and I were concerned about the future of our health insurance book of business and started looking for options to expand into the property casualty markets.  We looked at many exaggerators and alliance groups before being introduced to Shawn Webb and Pacific Crest.  

The growth in our P&C book of business has been incredible!!  More importantly, the support from the Pacific Crest organization has give us the tools to make this growth happen.  

I am most impressed with the alliance philosophy that allows us to run our own independent business with the support of a much larger organization standing behind us.   The back office support is invaluable and allows us to concentrate on the business of selling insurance.  Carrier appointments that would have taken us years to obtain were made available immediately.   

Instead of struggling for years with limited carriers and support our agency was up and running from day one.  I can’t imagine a better fit than the relationship we have with Pacific Crest.

I will be happy to share my specific Pacific Crest experience here in Oklahoma with anyone interested.  

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