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At Pacific Crest, our independent agents are the backbone of “our” promise to provide consumers with fair, ethical and adequate insurance protection. The Pacific Crest Agent family is comprised of independent agents from all facets of the business industry with one goal in mind – customer satisfaction. With a focus on diversity and experience, Pacific Crest Independent agents are able to work with customers in the communities they serve while understanding the unique risks associated within that community.

Why Choose an Independent Agent? Better Options, Better Pricing, Better Service!

A typical insurance agent sells and services insurance policies. An agent will often specialize in a particular type of insurance such as auto, life or health and will be either an independent agent or a captive agent. A captive agent represents only one insurance company and is only loyal to their companies insurance products. In contrast, an Independent agent represents “”you”". Independent agents represent more than one insurance company and can choose from multiple policies and coverages to fit their clients’ needs. At Pacific Crest, our agents are independent because “”our customers”" deserve the options.

The Pacific Crest Difference

As independent agents, the Pacific Crest team has your interests in mind. Our appointments with national insurance carriers allows our independent agents to provide consumers the right coverages at the most competitive prices. With no obligation to sell insurance from individual insurers, Pacific Crest Agents match your insurance needs with the right insurance company. Customers first and profits second is what makes Pacific Crest different!

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Meet Our Most Valuable Player Alex Pieters Pieters Insurance - Minden, Nevada MINDEN, Nevada — A small community of just more than 3,000 residents east of the southern tip of Lake Tahoe, Minden, Nevada, is a quiet little town in the heart of the Carson Valley.

For just about a quarter of a century, Alex Pieters was one of a handful of police officers in the county seat of Douglas County.

Knowing the community as he does, it made sense that Alex would hang his shingle in this community that once boasted it was a getaway destination for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Clark Gable and Jean Harlow.

Alex understands that to succeed in a small town, being competitive with price is important.

Pacific Crest Independent Insurance Alliance
"We are real people who foster trust through relationships, practice integrity with action and empower you to write your own story"

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