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Pacific Crest Insurance Blog: 11_2012

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When I was in the 7th grade, I entered into my first business enterprise, a paper route. This enterprise lasted 2-years, but I quickly found that it wasn’t the fast track to riches. Although my customers wouldn’t/couldn’t pay the thirty-five cents a week cost of the paper, I had to pay the publisher the thirty-five cents. READ MORE >>

A situation arose this last month regarding “Broker Fees”.  I’m going to simply define “Broker Fees” as charges passed onto an insured by a producer which are in excess of the Carrier’s premium. Producers like to charge these fees because of the extra added income from each policy sold. READ MORE >>

As the end of the year approaches, we begin to think of contingency bonuses and profit sharing from our carriers. This is an important component of most Producer’s income. Carriers use their own formulas for calculating contingency bonuses, but for the most part they are based on production, retention ratios and loss ratios. READ MORE >>

Well here it is two days after Halloween and I am still coming down off a sugar high. We live in a medium sized subdivision with a fairly diverse demographic. It’s easy to walk around the subdivision so we get lots of traffic on Halloween. Between 4:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. we had 163 trick-or-treaters. READ MORE >>

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For just about a quarter of a century, Alex Pieters was one of a handful of police officers in the county seat of Douglas County.

Knowing the community as he does, it made sense that Alex would hang his shingle in this community that once boasted it was a getaway destination for some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Clark Gable and Jean Harlow.

Alex understands that to succeed in a small town, being competitive with price is important.

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